Infant Jesus Sisters, Singapore

(founded in France, 1662, established in Singapore 1854)


  Spirituality can be defined as a way where the seeker searches for the ultimate meaning of life. 
  For all Christians, the story of Jesus is both a guide and mirror for this journey.

IJ Spirituality

For the IJ sisters, our spirituality is rooted in the Incarnation of Jesus - "God's love for us is revealed when God sent into the world His only Son so that we can have life through him"- Jn 4:9

This month's reflection is on Our Only Security, God's excessive love for us.
The Prayer service is on We are companions on a Journey 

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Through prayer and contemplation,  we encounter and deepen our relationship with God, which transforms our way of looking at situations and impacts our response. 


The Mass

Examen of Consciousness

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Bl Nicolas Barre's Writings 

Fr Barre's writings are to be shared with the general public too. 

Apostolic Spirituality, Divine Providence, Freedom, Hope, Humility,Prayer-Cobtemplation, Spirit of the Vows

Thoughts on Education
Prayer of Abandonment
Some Quotes

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A Retreat is a way to grow in awareness of self, others,  the world and God. 

Online retreat - 3 minute daily retreat

Online retreat - 34 day retreat for everyday life

Online retreat - for Teenagers

Online retreat - a busy person's retreat

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